About Bob…

Hi there! I’m Bob as you probably guessed (you clever little thing you!)

Welcome.  Come in – take a pew…

I am a professional working within the UK, but I’m not going to tell you what I’m professional at… (EDIT:  Although it’s not hard to find out if you try looking…)

I have been described as an evangelical atheist – which I quite like, and I think describes me quite well.  My first posts were aimed at this position – but I hope that I’ve become I more well-rounded Blogger recently, posting about my views on societies prejudices and intolerances, with the odd extra of general absurdities as they occur.  Although sometimes my posts are fairly harsh I hope to maintain a humorous tone.

Some of my posts may come across as somewhat opinionated – but stay with them and normally I’ll explain and justify myself by the end.  I you think that I haven’t then please let me know.  I am a nice guy, and I really don’t mean to cause any offence – Honest!

This blog has been running for a while now, and I have to apologise for the sporadic additions of new posts.  When things grab my attention – I tend to make a post or two, and then neglect to make new ones for a few weeks, but I promise to reply to any comments as soon as I can.

I have a great love for the internet and for information.  I use hyperlinks too much possibly – but I feel that references are very important, and that if you want to check on what I’ve said then you should be able to see the source used.


So put your feet up, make a cup of coffee (hang on – better do that the other way around) and have a poke around, and let me know what you think!  All constructive comments are gladly received!

I’m getting a fair number of hits, but very few comments.  So please, please leave a comment! Whether its Good, Bad, or even “I’m printing this out just to line my cat’s litter-tray”,  anything!



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