Posted by: jugglinbob | February 17, 2013

And I’d like to welcome on stage….

… a new contributor for this blog – my Ole mate Slugboy!

I’ve just given him control to post his own articles here, and have great hopes for some amazing future posts from him.

Although I’ve only referenced him a couple of times so far, he is often the instigator of my posts on this blog.  His outlandish, yet funny and well thought out arguments often make me re-evaluate my world view…  His knowledge is greater than mine on many things, although I do severely thrash him on biblical references and at Agricola

No pressure now dude… but surely don’t want to disappoint all 4 of of my loyal readers do you?  Well do ya, punk?


He’s already beaten me to this with his first post saying “hello” below…



  1. to risk hints of bromance, you have big chunks of stuff you know better than i. remember 4D tic tac toe and yapoks…

    anyway. i hope not to disappoint and if you look up. my first ramblings have been posted!

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