Posted by: slugboy77 | February 16, 2013

Um, hello there.


I’m slugboy, friend of jugglinbob.

I’m not exactly what you would call a prolific online writer. I have had a wordpress account since 2009 and im pretty certain this is my first day of actual posting.

Mainly I have been an offline poke in the ribs. maybe jugglin has mentioned me in passing?, I have been told that in part a recent post was ‘provoked’ shall we say by one of my semi regular diatribes against something which has irked me (I call them diatribes, everyone else calls them rants). give me a place to stand and a subject I’m annoyed by and I can make jugglin post. Apparently…

Anyhow, I’ve been invited to take a more active stance. so this is me, beginning to stance more actively.

Did i say hello?



  1. Hey dude! Welcome!

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