Posted by: jugglinbob | February 9, 2013

Malala – an apology?

It has been pointed out (personally, not on the blog) that I have been perhaps overly harsh against what Malala said in that interview where she stated that she was only getting better because of prayer. I hadn’t seen this interview when I wrote the previous post:

where she clearly says at 1min 30 seconds “God gave me a new life because of the prayers of people and because of the talent of doctors” and later that “ I’m inspired from the doctors and nurses, they are like my mother and father as for 10 days my mother and father were not with me, but I had a lot of doctors and nurses who took care of me as if they were my parents…

So perhaps an apology is in order…

Although even in this interview she gives prayer far too strong a part in her recovery she does at least mention that medical care played a role. I’m not going retract what I said as the previous interview and this one still shows Malala’s reliance on her religion as part of her cure, but I will soften my angst at her previous statements.

I can’t do apologies well… yet thank you to the person (you know who you are!) for pointing out my potential error….

I could perhaps talk about the scientific method – where one is always happy to re-evaluate one’s world view as more evidence is obtained, rather than religion’s view of ignoring these new ideas… but I won’t. As that would be perhaps unseemly in this circumstance.




  1. I don’t think an apology is necessary. You recognized your error, but that doesn’t change the main point you were trying to make – religion got her in her current position, and now she is crediting that same religion for getting her out. Fickle gods, indeed.

  2. Yeah I agree – that’s why I didn’t quite apologise….
    What I felt was important though was that I show the complete evidence as far as I now know it- in case it changes anyone’s outlook on this. It’s the honest and scientific way.

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