Posted by: jugglinbob | June 6, 2011

Teaching the kids – Doh!

I’ve just seen a cool documentary about evolution that I thought I’d share with you all:

I’m especially liking the first land animal @ 0.24 as I was teaching my God-daughter (don’t ask!) about the Tiktaalik last weekend.  We talked about it, and sang the song:

and even primed her so that when her mother asked her what a Tiktaalik is, she was able to respond:

“A tetrapod able to hold up it’s own weight on land with spiracles showing it had primitive lungs”

She had no idea what that meant, but sounded like she did…



  1. Ever since I first learned about it, Tiktaalik has been my favorite “missing link.” I hadn’t heard the song yet; thanks for the video!

  2. Show how little we have evolved 😉

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