Posted by: jugglinbob | May 31, 2011

Eponymous Post

People often ask me – “Why JugglinBob?”

Coz I can juggle?  And I am reasonably good at it?

Well, after looking at the ease that this machine juggles five balls, and more importantly, corrects it’s mistake at 1.07, then I might start doing something else more impressive…

Like perhaps making a working windmill model completely out of bread for the local flour show, (a poor pun – and I should know, but it’s not mine this time!) And no…  I’m not making it up!  The blueprints are completed, and the first cog trials will happen soon.  I want to use Salt Dough, but my compatriot keeps telling it’s not edible.  Flour, salt & water is edible… but maybe you just wouldn’t want to, or indeed be able to keep it down if you do… {insert religion gag as required}



  1. the bread windmill is somewhat overdue.

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