Posted by: jugglinbob | May 17, 2010

Fallacy 101

Just watched this vid:

and found the assumptions that it makes about us “frivolous” atheists rather offensive…

After watching it couple of times I realised the sheer volume of fallacies contained within.  I started listing them all out with time codes attached,  but think of this as a “Fallacy 101″ class – and try finding them yourself!

You should be able (without too much effort!) to find some straw men, an assertion fallacy, several ad hominem attacks, a false dilemma, appeals to both law and ridicule, circular cause and consequence, as well as ignoratio elenchi and petitio principii…

Happy hunting!

I’ve got to go now and frivolously try to continue” pretending” that I believe in no God by using this drug called atheism

(and for bonus points – spot the fallacies I’ve just used there!)



  1. Yeah, a few assumptions, though I didn’t count them. Found him a little pompous. I didn’t listen to it all but I wouldn’t have argued that Sartre was less frivolous than, say, Dawkins.

    I was reminded of the story of the church next to a bus stop carrying the sign “There’s probably no God”. The church responded by putting up a sign saying “There’s probably no bus”. I don’t quite know why it makes me smile, certainly not because I think it’s a killer theological argument, probably because it was just witty and showed a wecome sense of perspective.

    • I like the church’s response- wish I seen it myself!

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