Posted by: jugglinbob | April 30, 2010

UPDATE: Gary McFarlane loses appeal bid

McFarlane (mentioned in a post below) refused to provide sex therapy counselling to homosexuals because of religious beliefs.  He has now lost his appeal against unlawful sacking! 

The Lord Justice Laws (apt name!) preceding over this case stated that “legislation for the protection of views held purely on religious grounds cannot be justified” and that it was also irrational, “divisive, capricious and arbitrary”.

Countering the decision McFarlane was “disappointed and upset” as “I have the ability to provide counselling services to same-sex couples”. 

Sorry dude, but your “ability” to provide the counselling is NOT the issue.  The problem is your choice not to, based on your own prejudice – which you then justified using the bible,  Lev 18:22 is the normal quote used here.

The problem is that the bible:

  1. is outdated.
  2. is absurd.
  3. does not form UK law, and indeed
  4. asks an adherent to perform illegal acts…

If I’m going to use the bible as LAW, then I’m able to do a few unusual things:

  • I can sell my daughter into slavery – I have one if anyone is interested (but I’m gonna want a good price as she’s clever, literate, and can play the cello.  Oh – and 11)
  • If someone works in my department in the hospital on a Sunday I can kill them (so please don’t have an accident because we won’t be able to save your life as we are too busy praising the lord)
  • Gather together the whole town to kill someone planting crops side by side (Lev 19:19)
  • or indeed my mother for wearing garments made of two different threads (Lev 19:19 again!)
  • kill a man for having sexual relations with an animal – and then kill the animal as well.  (Lev 20:15) That has to be a personal favorite of mine.  What a day for that animal!  Raped, defiled, and then killed!  Salted lamb anyone?

There are indeed many more, but I’ll be honest – I pinched the first few from the West Wing:

No rational person would expect these to be upheld by modern law, so why expect any religious decree to hold weight?  So the problem is which bits of the bible are personally believed in and supported.  Which then leads on to a different topic entirely…

but my personal view is that the bible purports to be the world of God and so should be either adhered to in full if you are a believer (in full, mind you – slavery, killings as above etc), or discounted and ignored (and in my case ridiculed) if you are not.

Back to this case however, where  Andrea Williams, director of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “It seems that a religious bar to office has been created, whereby a Christian who wishes to act on their Christian beliefs on marriage will no longer be able to work in a great number of environments.”

like working on a sunday market stall, planting crops together, raping animals, or indeed it would seem, being homophobic…



  1. I’ve been with you at your place of work on a Sunday. I’m sure Moses would have been deeply impressed with our lack of enthusiasm for doing any work.

    • LOL. Yes indeedy, in fact I might have to use this an excuse next weekend on!

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